Monday, July 9, 2012

First day home

The day started off with Andrew going to the grocery store with me and the girls. It was fun to see his face looking at everything. We went to one of the bigger markets where you bag your own groceries. When it came time to unload the cart, he watched the girls and I, and then jumped right on in and started unloading. Then we went to bag everything. Again, he watched what we were doing then grabbed a bag and started bagging. When we headed for the car, he opened the back and helped unload. Then he held the door open for the girls to get in the car. I didn't have to ask him to do any of this. Learning by example. Very nice!

Then we played a little basketball out front.

Then it was time to play the Wii with the Just Dance game. Too funny!

After dinner to keep Andrew awake, it was time for a bike ride. He used Mark's bike and Mark used mine. We need to get him a bike!

It was a busy day. Busier than normal. Next Sunday we will get back into our normal routine, worshipping and hearing the Word of God!

This is just the beginning for Andrew. There is lots to learn if you are going to be in a family. It takes time for everyone to adjust. I'm excited to see him learn new things and to be a son and brother. He doesn't know what that looks like, but he will!



  1. Sounds like he's catching on, so far :) Will continue to pray for his you have anybody bringing meals? I would love to help out, if needed :) Also, I spoke with my friend's son yesterday, the Romainian family I mentioned, and he would love to invite Andrew to some of our high school events at church, once you're ready for him to venture out :) Hugs!

  2. I love following your blog and admire you and your family so much! Do you live in southern california by chance? I do and your neighborhood looks similar! Welcome home!!!!

    Donna Dickman
    Mom to 5 bio's and 1 Russian Prince

    1. We live in Elk Grove up by Sacramento. But we do come down to Southern CA to Disneyland every year!

  3. So proud of you Andrew!!! We love you & we know you're going through a LOT of changes... we have all been through a big move too, just 6mths ago! Although we're not getting to know our new family... we are in a city where 4/5 of us don't know the language & many many things are nothing like what we are used to... But this FEELS like home even in the adjusting... We pray every day that Elk Grove begins to FEEL like home & that our friends the Mickschls already FEEL like family for you!!!

    -Auntie joy & Uncle mark in Hong Kong

    PS. Tryston needs his own bike too! But the bikes here are not made for tall kids like you & him... LOL

  4. What a gentleman for holding the door open for the girls. He will continue to catch on. It seems like he's doing great so far. It also looks like he's got a great basketball pose.

  5. awe, your story is amazing! your blog is now one of my favorites, I sign on to do my reading and yours is the first I read! How I see God working daily in your family, it is truly beautiful! What a great testimony Andrew is going to have, to share one day!

    a prayer warrior from Jax,FL.