Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Andrew asked if he and I could talk after dinner last night.  So when the meal was over, we headed to the living room to escape the seven other kids in the house.

He told me when he first came to America, and the reason for his coming, was to make something of himself and head back to Ukraine in a couple of years.  He didn't want to stick around.  But now that he's here things have changed for him.  He talked about how dad (Mark) and I have taught him love. He has brothers and sisters and a family.  Now that's what's important to him.  He does not want to return to Ukraine until he's in his 30's and only to visit.

He talked about his birth mother and how different her and I are. How he knows I would give my life for him because of my love for him, but she was a bad mom.  She didn't love. He said, again, how there was no love at the orphanage.  No one cared what he did. He could party, drink, smoke, do whatever he wanted and no one cared.  Now he is finding out that he has a mom and a dad who care deeply what he sees and what he listens to.  There are no violent video games in our house.  There is very little Internet time even though it has security blocks. Movies are checked out first before he is allowed to watch them and little to no TV time.

Interestingly, he likes the boundaries we have in place.  He feels loved and knows this family cares very much for him and who he will become.  We share Christ with him often and believe, eventually, he will make a choice for the Lord.  I'm believing he will be a mighty man of God!

Andrew also drew a diagram last night showing me two roads.  One is the orphanage road.  Then there is a small space of grass before there is another road...this is the family road.  He said he's been on the orphanage road, but now he's on the grass taking those baby steps to the family road because that is where he wants to be. He said, "I want to follow you and dad."

These last few months have not always been easy.  The first two months were the hardest, but Andrew has a heart for family and has expressed many times how thankful he is that he's a Mickschl. Adoption can be hard work for both the child and the parent, but it is rewarding!!!

Andrew has been a great example of the older child needing a family.  It doesn't matter that he is almost 17, he wants and needs a mom and dad to show him the way to go. I'm glad he loves us.  I'm glad Andrew is a part of our family.  I'm thankful for my heavenly Father's love that He has shown to us and allowing us to be Andrew's parents. I love my son, Andrew!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


  Here is Andrew's first trip to Disneyland!  He is a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan!

                                       The end of two fun filled days!

Monday, October 15, 2012

First Camping Trip for Andrew

We went camping up in Lake Tahoe this weekend. This was Andrew's first camping trip.

                                      Learning how to hook up the trailer.

                                               Our camping site.

                                                    Playing cards

                                                Virginia City, Nevada

                                                    Cowboy Andrew

                                                  Cowboy Zachary

                                               The bros being serious!

                               The Mickschl kids who settled the West!

                             Who gets the next bite of hot cereal? Yum yum!


                                                    Our view

                                Andrew skateboarding down the hill!

                                             Here comes Zach!

                                            Morgan and Layla

                              Having some pie before we leave for home!
The weather was perfect this weekend! The kids can't wait to go camping again.  We are going to Coloma for Thanksgiving and then back up to Tahoe for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend!