Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Okay, this is not for Jonathan, but for another precious boy....Vinnie! His family is working very hard to bring him home. His is about ready to be transferred to an institution in Eastern Europe. His mama wants to get to him before this happens.

If you donate, you get entered to win a Dream Screen 100 valued at $399.99! WOW! Let's help Vinnie come home!

Visit the Sheffield's blog at www.sheffieldadoption.blogspot.com!

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I wonder..

I wonder what Jonathan is thinking. I can't imagine being a 16 year old, living in one place your whole life and being told a family wants to adopt you from another country. You would be leaving everything you know behind. The familiar smells, the language, the food, your friends. You've dreamed of being adopted, but as you got older you gave up on that dream. No one wants to adopt an older child. What is your new life going to be like?

I think about this everyday. What must be going through his head. Is he going to like us? Is he going to be afraid? Is he going to change his mind? Will he want to call me mom? Or maybe Hansina? I'm okay with whatever he decides. I will keep praying for him. The Lord knows!

Mark and I would like to communicate with Jonathan before we get there. We got permission to write him letters. I just finished one and am enclosing bags of candy for his friends, a hat, scarf and gloves. I also made a photo book for him with pictures of the family and our home, and a journal with his picture on it. I'm waiting for those to come in, then I will send it next week. I would like to send him something every week until we get there. I'm hoping that it will make it less awkward when we first meet.

We got fingerprinted for USCIS on Monday, so hopefully we will hear something soon from them. I've only done a couple things for the dossier, so I need to finish that up. We also need to do some fundraising. That's a hard one for me. Mark is doing extra work for families and asking them to donate for Jonathan's adoption. Not sure what else to do right now. Believing the Lord will provide!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Prayers for Jonathan!

Sorry it has been a while! We finished updating our homestudy and it will go in the mail today to USCIS. The Lord brought us an amazing social worker! Beautiful Christian woman who did the update quickly for us. What a blessing she has been!

We found out that Jonathan has one living relative, a great aunt. He called her and said a family wanted to adopt him. And she said he should go with the family. The director of the orphanage is glad we are adopting him and is very supportive of us. It's very hard for the older kids when a family wants to adopt them. No one has ever wanted them before, why now? If you all would please be praying for Jonathan that the Lord will guard his heart and mind and close his ears to those around him with negative talk. And a hedge of protection to be put around him. Thank you!

Now, I will start working on the dossier. I have a few things done, but still more to go!