Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It has been so long since I've written a post!  The summer has gone by way too quickly and we have been super busy. It will be nice to get back into routine with school starting in September. I give the kids a choice every year......do you want to go to school or stay home?  Without hesitation, they all respond, "Stay home!"  I love being with them and teaching them!

                           Here are a few pictures from the last two months!
                                  This is Andrew's first time hitting a pinata!
                Mackenzie LOVES to play dress up even if it is with her brother's mask!
                          Millie in Lake Tahoe jumping and doing somersaults!
                                       My girls in the pool on a hot day!
We had a French student stay with us for a little while this summer.  He was a hurting boy. Unfortunately, he was not interested in our family or the love we tried to show him. If you think of him, please remember to keep Hugo in prayer.