Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Andrew has a destiny

Sebastain has a family! In fact, this family is adopting TWO older boys! I don't know who his new family is yet, but I am praying for them and am looking forward to following their journey!

If you would please keep praying for Andrew. He has God in his head, but doesn't understand how to believe with his heart.  Andrew is holding on to the things of his past and is having a hard time letting go.  A lot of things have gone, but some things he doesn't want to let go of.

I believe he has a destiny.  God saved him for a reason. Andrew's under attack, and the enemy wants to keep him, but our God is bigger! When you have an anointing on you and your family, all hell is going to come against you.  Andrew does have an anointing! Please pray for a break through for him and a true revelation of who Jesus Christ is!

Mark and I couldn't do this without all of your prayers. We are so grateful for the friends we have met through Andrew's adoption.  You all are more than friends, you are like family to us. Thank you for the uplifting comments and emails with encouraging words. Blessings!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Sometimes I don't know how to word a post I know I need to write.  How do you ask people to step out of their comfort zone and adopt an older child or one with special needs. The children no one wants.

How do you tell them that it is a fight worth fighting for. This is a life that is calling out to be saved from the dreariness that awaits them, a future with no hope.  This is a life that does have meaning and purpose.

To step out in faith and jump off that not listen to the voices of this world that tell you not to go.

Will it be too hard? 
What will people think?
How can we afford it?
Will this child have orphanage behavior?
Will it be a huge change for me and my family? 
What about my other kids?

These are all normal questions we all ask ourselves before jumping.

Yes, at times it is hard, but the Lord gives me the strength.
I have lost friendships, but I have gained new friendships with people who have the same heart I do.
God does bring in the money.
All four of my adopted kids have orphanage behavior.  We deal with it.
It is a change for my family.  It's a change when I've birthed out a baby, too.
My other kids get stronger and learn how to love more.

Is is challenging? Yes, it is at times. I'm helping my sons learn how to be in a family.  For Andrew, it is not always easy.  He wants the quick fix! But it takes time to undo the 16 years he was on his own. Look at the peace in his eyes, the content look and happiness.  I can't imagine him not being here.

The good news, Andrew WANTS to be in a family!  That is encouraging! He TRIES as hard as he can.  Does he mess up and lie or steal or try to manipulate a situation?  Yes, but look where he has come from. In the nine months he has been home he has learned so much! He is not that lost, frightened little boy. He loves being in our family and we love him.  He is ours and we are his, forever!

God doesn't make mistakes.  When He puts on your heart to adopt a child, He WILL give you the strength to get through!  Strength you never knew you had!  It grows you!  I want to grow in the goodness of the Lord! I want the blessing and to be obedient!  I want what God has for me and my family. Having my four adopted kids IS a BLESSING!

This young man is ageing out of the system. What awaits him is not what you would want for your son or daughter.  He is asking for a family!  He WANTS a family! There is only 9 days left for someone to step forward and commit. You can find more information on Reece's Rainbow.

You can hop on over to Julia's blog and join in the last day of the giveaway she is doing for families who are adopting or children who want families. You can click the link on the top right of our blog entitled, Mulligan Stew.

WE are the hands and feet of Jesus.  These are His children. If we don't act, who will?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday!

Another first for Andrew....Easter! His first time going on an Easter egg hunt.

His first time dyeing Easter eggs.

After church spending time at his Auntie's home with family.

Of course, I had to put a photo up of my Johnny Bear!

The greatest thing about Easter is sharing the resurrection of our Savior with Andrew. We've been watching The Bible every week and that has had an impact on him. He has grabbed on to those stories he hears and now they were visual for him. When Jesus rose from the dead and the nail prints were in His hands.....that is an image you cannot erase!

Please keep praying for Andrew. He wants to believe in a God he cannot see. I know the Lord has great things in store for him when he does accept Christ as his personal Savior. He's closer now than he ever has been before!