Thursday, May 31, 2012

What a Day!

We got to the orphanage around 11:00 this morning. They went and got Andrey for us. As soon as he saw us he started speaking to our facilitator. He was different today. He actually looked us in the eyes. Yesterday he didn't.

You see, last night while you, the Army of the Lord was praying, the Holy Spirit was moving on the heart of a young boy. When the Army of the Lord gathers together and prays, the Heavens and earth move!

He wanted us to know that as soon as we left yesterday, he went and wrote two letters in the director's office saying he WANTS Mark and Hansina Mickschl to be his family. He got up this morning after sleeping on it and signed both papers stating this!

He was different! He wasn't the scared, confused boy from yesterday. Something had changed. He said many different people had spoken to him, but this was his life and his decision....he wants to be a Mickschl!

Have you ever seen a miracle unfold? Well, you are right now!

Our facilitator asked if he was 101% certain he wants to be adopted and his reply was, "I am 200% certain!"

We still need your prayers. There is a stronghold here and we are asking for a hedge of protection to cover the seed of courage Andrey has chosen.

Thank you, thank you my wonderful family of prayer warriors! I am humbled and in awe of all that transpired today. The prayers of the saints! I am blessed the Lord has brought each and every one of you into our lives. The prayers of a righteousness man availeth much.

Leaving you with some pictures of today. Here is Andrey, on the left and his best friend on the right. Then some of the other boys standing up in the back. His best friend is a sweet boy. Look at the smile on my son's face! He is peaceful.

Here they are on the iPad. Andrey loves to play piano! So does our daughter, Morgan. Morgan started playing piano because she loves the song Fur Elise. The very first song he played on the iPad piano was....Fur Elise!

And so we will continue on the rest of our journey. We praise and thank you Lord Jesus!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prayer Warriors Needed

Oh, my friends, we are needing the blood of Christ to cover this journey. As soon as we got to the orphanage, they went and got Jonathan. He came into the director's office and sat down. All I could think of was, this is him! I was so excited to finally be here!

We have two wonderful facilitators who were speaking with him and asking him if he still wants a family. After some talking back and forth he said, "No."
He was told since he is such a good writer of stories, he could apply to a theater college in Kiev. We were also informed that he lived with his mother up until five years ago when her rights were terminated and he was sent to the orphanage.

Mark looked at him, and through Mark's voice the Holy Spirit spoke. I can't tell you what all he said, but I sat and cried. It was perfect, right from the Lord. He spoke of family and how we had crossed the ocean because we heard Jonathan wanted a family and we would like him to be a part of our family. Oh, I wish I could remember all the wording. Jonathan hung his head down and asked if he could leave for a few minutes. We could tell he was about ready to cry. He came back and said, no, he didn't want to be adopted. Before we left the room Mark and I laid hands on him and prayed blessing over his life.

We got up and left the room because his answer was no. I can't describe how my heart broke for him. You could see the confusion in his eyes and the uncertainty of it all. Mark, myself and the facilitator were all broken for this young boy and the decision he was making.

When we turned and looked back into the room, Jonathan had his head in his hands not knowing what to do. You see, he has to sign a paper stating he either wants or doesn't want a family. He was supposed to write that he didn't want a family and there he sat without picking up the pen.
Mark and I have earnestly prayed and sought the Lord about all this before we even got here. We knew the chance we were taking. But this isn't about us! It's about a young boy's life. We want Jonathan to WANT to come home with us, otherwise it's not going to work. So we stood in that hallway praying the Lord would intercede.

The door closed and we started to leave when the director stopped us and asked us to come back in. Jonathan couldn't say "no" right now. He asked if we would be willing to stay a couple of days so he could make his decision. Absolutely!! We walked out and he came out a couple seconds later, walked up to Mark and hugged him. I knew right then, he needs a daddy. (a mama, too, but he doesn't know it yet. ;) )

Prayer request is: let his yes be yes or his no be no. We have to have a definite answer on Friday. He could say "yes" and change his mind after court while we are waiting for the court decree. We are hoping that doesn't happen. Mark and I truly love this boy.

Our driver needed to run back into town, so Mark and I and our facilitator went out into the courtyard to sit on a bench and Jonathan was out there. We smiled and nodded to him and he went back into the orphanage. We walked all the way to the other side of the courtyard to sit. We had been there about ten minutes when I looked up and saw Jonathan coming toward us. He came and sat down next to me. It surprised all of us. He sat there the whole time we were waiting for our driver.

Mark's and my prayer right now, if you will be praying with us, is that what the caregivers, friends and any negative influence is speaking into Jonathan, that it will be like gravel in their mouths. They can't even get the negative words out. And that Andrey's (that is his real name) heart will be in the right place. We want what is best for him and we are hoping that is us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Document delivered!

We got our document from the US Embassy and delivered it to the SDA. We will leave early in the morning for our region.

Here are a few pictures. Many of you will know this church!

How about some ballet?

Independence Square

Next post will be from our region!


Monday, May 28, 2012

One more day

We went to our SDA appointment today and found out we will have to come back tomorrow because we need a document from the US Embassy and they were closed today. So tomorrow we will go to the embassy, then the SDA, then pick up our referral. We will leave Wednesday morning for our region and meet Jonathan in the afternoon!

We will know more about his story when we get to the orphanage. Thank you for your prayers!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday in Kiev

The main street in Kiev is closed off, so everyone is walking in the middle of the road. It's so strange to hear it be so quiet. No traffic, no noise. Very nice.

This guy was great! He and his clothes were painted to look like a statue. Very cool!

Tomorrow is our appointment at the SDA. We are hoping to leave for our region then. Nerves are kicking into high gear. We heard that Jonathan is excited we are coming and the next day he is uncertain. Praying for wisdom. We've never done this before, but we are thankful for all of you who are praying for us and Jonathan. I'll update soon!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Are Here!

We have arrived in Kiev! Flights were a little late, but other than than, everything was fine.

We have a free day tomorrow, and then Monday we have our appointment. Hopefully we will leave Monday night for our region or Tuesday.

Please continue to pray for Jonathan. We have heard the older kids tend to waiver in their decision whether to be adopted or not. And please pray for us that the Lord will give us wisdom during this time.

Going to get some groceries!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Almost There!

Getting ready to leave for Ukraine. We will be in Kiev one week from Saturday. Feeling all kinds of emotions. Happy and excited, a little nervous and scared. Sad to leave my seven other children. I'm with them every day, all day and I love them.

It will be good for Mark and I to have this time just he and I. And, of course, spending time with Jonathan! Lots to do! This has been a very busy week and we are trying to spend time with each child separately before we go.
Your prayers are greatly appreciated! We are still short on the funds, but I believe the Lord will keep bringing it in. We are so close! We've also been told to expect some unexpected costs. This is a new region for us, so we may get charged extra. Yes, that does happen.

Praying for God's favor, protection for our home and kids, protection for us and Jonathan and success in this adoption!

Next time I write, it will be from Ukraine!

Thank you all for your amazing support, prayer and encouraging words. I truly have needed it!


Friday, May 11, 2012

We have a Date!

We have our MSP date for May 28th at 11:00! We are going to Ukraine!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We'd like to say a big thank you to Donnie and Karrie Cannell for the pizza fundraiser they did for us last night! We appreciate you both so much!

Our daughter, Morgan, graduated from 8th grade this last weekend. We are a homeschool family and we like to celebrate! Morgan got to pick out a dress with all the accessories and the place for dinner. I remember when she was a little, tiny tot with pigtails. She has grown up so fast.

Still no news when we are supposed to travel. A family that was submitted two weeks before us doesn't have their date either. Waiting is the worst.

We do have Jonathan's room set up! Mark and I are going to take him shopping in Ukraine so he can pick out some pictures or decorations for his room.

We have $3,200 left to raise! Praise the Lord for all the monies that have come in and for all of you who have donated, shared and prayed, we are truly thankful.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Thank you to my friend Cindy Allen and Dana from Thirty-One Gifts for the large tote giveaway!

The winner is Leah Hardwick! Congratulations Leah!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We've heard that our travel date will be the end of May or first of June. The waiting is the hardest. Please be praying for Jonathan that the Lord will surround him and protect him.

And for those of you out there that have adopted an older child, any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! You can leave me a comment or email me at