Thursday, May 17, 2012

Almost There!

Getting ready to leave for Ukraine. We will be in Kiev one week from Saturday. Feeling all kinds of emotions. Happy and excited, a little nervous and scared. Sad to leave my seven other children. I'm with them every day, all day and I love them.

It will be good for Mark and I to have this time just he and I. And, of course, spending time with Jonathan! Lots to do! This has been a very busy week and we are trying to spend time with each child separately before we go.
Your prayers are greatly appreciated! We are still short on the funds, but I believe the Lord will keep bringing it in. We are so close! We've also been told to expect some unexpected costs. This is a new region for us, so we may get charged extra. Yes, that does happen.

Praying for God's favor, protection for our home and kids, protection for us and Jonathan and success in this adoption!

Next time I write, it will be from Ukraine!

Thank you all for your amazing support, prayer and encouraging words. I truly have needed it!



  1. I can't tell you how excited I am for you! Praying that the funds come in, and you have a wonderful trip bringing your son home. Selfish request- blog as much as possible! ;)

  2. We are sending love across the world to you!!! In one week you will be so much closer & I wish i could meet you there!

    All is going according to plan & all has been prepared for you! Jesus goes before you & stands at your rearguard! (((HUGS)))


  3. so excited for you! been praying for you guys and jonathan since december!
    don't know what any of those profile thingies are so i'm posting anon... kristen roberts.

  4. Got ya covered in prayers! Wish I could sign over my husband's paycheck to help you out, but that would cause a problem, right? Seriously, if the girls need a ride anywhere, let me know...I'm known as the Wilson Shuttle Service! :D

  5. Do you have an email address that I can send you an email at? We are praying about adopting a little boy with DS who is in Ukraine.Thank you!

  6. Waiting to hear how it goes and praying praying praying for everyone involved!