Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Update on Andrew

Andrew has been home a little over two years now. The first year we were so busy showing him all the things that he's never seen or done before, but we've quieted that down just a little bit. This last year has been a little slower with more family time at home. One thing we did do, was surprise the kids with a trip to The Grand Canyon this summer.

Mark and I have been watching as God has touched Andrew's heart. Andrew has been hungry for the things of God. The hunger grows every day for more and more of the Lord. It's been an amazing transformation in Andrew's heart, disposition, attitude and life. I appreciate all of you that have prayed for him!

Andrew has been working full time at a cabinet shop near our home. He loves his job! They are teaching him a wonderful skill and craft. The owner takes a lot of time working with Andrew and teaching him. Here is Andrew leaving for work.

With all the things going on in Ukraine, we are thankful and blessed that Andrew is here with us. Mark and I have talked many times about our last four adoptions....the journeys that God took us on. It was not always an easy road, but the end results are so rewarding!