Saturday, December 21, 2013

Andrew has a soft heart

Andrew has gone down to the altar many times in the last couple of months, but we didn't see a heart change.  Then he went down to the altar a few weeks ago.  With tears streaming down his face and arms reaching to heaven, down on his knees, a true heart change was occurring, and he's not been the same.
Wow! Only God! Andrew invited Jesus into his heart! He has been respectful, truthful, obedient, kind, taking responsibility for his actions, joy filled and not angry, and he's expressed more love for the family. His heart is soft and tender. Thank you for praying for Andrew!

I know you all have heard me say this a lot, but Andrew was truly meant to be in our family! He's a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew and a cousin.

Please continue to pray for him that his walk will be strengthened by reading the Word, praying and listening to his worship music, and that Mark and I will have wisdom from our heavenly Father on how to guide him.

Love to all,