Monday, October 15, 2012

First Camping Trip for Andrew

We went camping up in Lake Tahoe this weekend. This was Andrew's first camping trip.

                                      Learning how to hook up the trailer.

                                               Our camping site.

                                                    Playing cards

                                                Virginia City, Nevada

                                                    Cowboy Andrew

                                                  Cowboy Zachary

                                               The bros being serious!

                               The Mickschl kids who settled the West!

                             Who gets the next bite of hot cereal? Yum yum!


                                                    Our view

                                Andrew skateboarding down the hill!

                                             Here comes Zach!

                                            Morgan and Layla

                              Having some pie before we leave for home!
The weather was perfect this weekend! The kids can't wait to go camping again.  We are going to Coloma for Thanksgiving and then back up to Tahoe for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. looks like so much fun! The puppies are growing so fast. What a beautiful place!

  2. We love to go camping too! Well, 3 of us do. My 15(almost 16 year old) doesn't. She hates camping. I never went camping as a child, but as long as I have our camper, I'm perfectly happy. ;)

    Happy you were all able to get away and enjoy nature!
    Happy Camping!

  3. We LOVE camping! I'm so happy for you and your first camping trip with Andrew! You know what? They've done surveys of kids when they grow up, and far above Disney, or any other commercial vacation they may have gone on, their number one family memory and childhood memory was: CAMPING!!!

    Keep it up!

    Love the Winslow Family in NH

  4. God Bless you and your family! I LOVE you tho I don't know you personally. I eagerly check everyday for a new posting. Thank you for adopting!

  5. I just have to share the (ridiculous) dream I had last night. But first the back story... obviously, it is an election year - and there are plenty of people going door to door to "chat" politics... Halloween is so not my favorite holiday... adoption is something that has been sitting in my heart... last night I was having a hard time falling asleep, so I thought I would catch up on a few blogs on my phone... I live in Reno - so am VERY close to Lake Tahoe and, especially, to Virginia City (LOVE the old west picture, by the way). I read your post and enjoyed the pictures last night before having this dream...

    I opened the door to find a bunch of Ukrainian teenagers- all dressed like they are about to settle the west- encouraging people to make sure to vote since they weren't allowed to vote back home. Somebody else voted for them to come to America, and even though they turned out ok and have such great clothing, we need to vote to make sure WE don't get sent back there - as there are no weapons issued with clothing rations back there.
    [crazy right?]
    In my dream, I was so concerned that no one had taught these kids how to say "trick or treat" that I asked who lived the closest and canoed (apparently the roads were rivers) all the kids back to that house while trying to explain the tradition of Halloween and costumes and saying trick or treat. When I got to the house (which is an actual house around the corner from my own) You answered the door. I was so excited to meet you. Then over tea and crummpets (NO IDEA where that came from) we sat and chatted about building awesome orphanages here in the US that whole families would live in as well as orphans and all the "stay at home" moms would care for all the kids that lived there - so it would be just like they had real families.

    I know, I must be bordering on crazy!! Oh well. it would be great to meet you all one day - I love following your family's story.

    1. Wow! What an amazing dream! It would be great to meet you! Yes, I think all of us stay at home moms would make good moms to the orphans at our big orphanage in America! Thank you for sharing! Who knows what The Lord has in mind!

    2. Fabulous!! Can we open a SAHM orphanage here in Hong Kong too! I promise to homeschool every last beautiful child & teach them the ways of the Lord the very best I know how!

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  7. Oh my - this makes me miss the motherland & all of you!!! Been longing for a good long camping trip, just not sure which corner of our concrete jungle is the best one for a tent!! -- Would LOVE to plan at least one camping weekend with you all when we're stateside again!!

    As for these fun pics! I LOVELOVELVOE the western pic - Madison cracked a smile though! haha! I also really love the nice shots of Z&A, Z&JH, H&M, & M&M being silly! :) {There are a lot of Ms in your family - funny since we have a different kind of Ms in ours... but truthfully, yours are the same kind as mine! LOL}