Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Week

This last week Andrew asked for a place at the dinning room table where we do homeschooling and some more school work. I had already gave him a math book to work in, but he asked for a grammar one. So now he is doing Rosetta Stone, grammar and math. He hasn't wanted to participate in the other subjects, but I'm believing that will come soon.
We are changing the bonus room around to accommodate a long table on the back wall for homeschooling, so everyone will have more room. There is a computer station up there already, so this will work great!
Here are some random pictures from this last week. Millie loves John-David. She holds him every chance she gets. Here they are watching a video.

This is a 16 year old boy crashing his bike. He and Zach said it looks like a smiley face.

Andrew and I not wanting our picture taken. We were having a moment....eating peanuts!

And life isn't complete without my Mackenzie being Captain America!



  1. I love these pics Mama! My fav is Millie with my sweet JD! My my my how loooong her hair is getting!!! But then again, Mackenzie is pretty darn sweet in that get-up!

    Tell Andrew, his leg looks like T's bike wound on his ankle! But he wins for making a smiley!

    Love you all so so much! :))

  2. Love your posts! So glad to see him doing so well. He is an inspiration for sure!

  3. Thank you so much for posting about home schooling Andrew. We began home schooling almost two years ago and had no idea at the time that we would be adopting a 13 yr old boy from China. I'm thrilled that research shows it to be great for older child adoptions but I'm pretty intimidated. It's so encouraging to see him grow in your family and make such great progress. Love you family!