Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Busy Week!

We took Andrew to beautiful Lake Tahoe! Cold water, blue skies, dark green pine trees and warm sand. It was a great day to sit out under a big umbrella and enjoy watching my kids!

Andrew getting burried in the sand!
Going for a canoe ride!

My precious Mackenzie!
The bros!

It was my sweet Mackenzie's 3rd birthday this week!

Then it was time for the California State Fair! This is the first time Andrew has ever had a corndog!
A real Bald Eagle. Very cool! She was beautiful!
Millie going on a ride. She loved it!

Madison and Morgan at the toy exhibit by the Transformer.
A lady came up and asked me if all these kids were mine and I said, "Yes, and there are three more. We have two in the stroller and one at a friend's house." She said, "Wow! They all look alike especially your oldest son (pointing at Andrew) who looks just like your husband." Do they really?
Andrew at home doing some ballet moves. Love the hair! He wanted his picture taken!

The cool thing about adopting an older child are all the things they do for the first time and you get to do it with them. Tasting cotton candy for the first time or going on a roller coaster ride. Riding in a canoe and swimming in a clear, blue lake. Celebrating a sibiling's birthday with cupcakes. Going to the movies and eating popcorn. Listening to and watching your family have a time of worship. So many things for the first time and there's so much more!


  1. I'm sure Tahoe was great! We went camping near Kirkwood, and the weather was gorgeous :) Hope the fair wasn't too hot! That is definitely an adventure...ha ha! Is Nathan doing ok? I love the hair & ballet moves :D


    1. Nate is doing better. A little respite for him is a good thing! ;) We love Tahoe and the weather was perfect! Glad you got a camping trip!

  2. Beautiful pics of your beautiful family! Love you guys!

  3. Love the pictures, Hansina!!! So happy for your family!! I miss you and hope to see you soon!!!

    1. Debbie, I miss you! Would love to see you sometime soon!

  4. Love the pictures, so happy all is going well! Andrew is fitting right in, it looks like, he is blossoming! You have a beautiful family!!!

  5. I thought Andrew looked like your husband from day one. But I thought it was just me. So glad you are having fun and sharing firsts.

  6. Hi,
    I've been following your journey from Australia.
    You have an amazing family. Andrew is very lucky.
    Can I ask if he has ever mentioned going to the orphanage or has he said he is happy with the decision he has made?
    I am only curious as I cannot imagine moving from one country to another without anyone I really know or being able to speak the language. I am sure he knows he has made the right decision, I'm just wondering if he has any feelings of home sickness.
    I think what your family is doing for him is amazing.
    God bless

    1. He has said the language is a barrier and the culture is very different. When I asked if he was interested in going back he said he didn't want to. His words were, "living here is heaven on earth."

    2. "living here is heaven on earth." That warms my heart. He truly is blessed to have found such a wonderful family.
      Thank you for replying.

  7. Of course they all look alike - they are all YOUR children. They ARE siblings :) and they are all so great.
    In fact, Andrew looks like a copy of Mike! This is so awesome!!!

  8. I've been reading your blog since just before you brought Andrew home. I have tried to read diligently since then, often praying for your family. I just wanted you to know that I LOOOOVE your new banner picture. It is so wonderful to see your "new" family!!! Please keep letting us know how things are going!!

  9. I have been following your story since before you met Andrew and every time I read a new blog I can't help but smile so much my face hurts! You are truly blessed and have brought such joy to Andrew. To take on a "child" his age was risky but you persevered and look at things now! And yes, Andrew DOES look like your husband!

    DD from Ohio

  10. So happy to see Andrew home at last! We just celebrated one year for Dima being home and are so excited to see your family grow through Andrews adoption! Vacations sure do pile on blessings when it comes to adding new family members! I think you just inspired us to take one again soon! God Bless you all!