Monday, February 18, 2013

Hair color?

Andrew has been asking if I would "paint" his hair. He would love for his hair to be lighter in color. So this weekend I put a blonde color on the top of his hair. It turned out to be a strawberry blonde.

He's so funny! He screamed in delight! He loves it! Eventually, I think he will go back to his natural color, but for now he's having fun with it.

Last week was tough, but the weekend was better. Andrew likes to go his own way, which is not the right way. He's been his own boss for so long, it's hard to do what the mom says. But you know the saying, "mama knows best." He'll come around because he knows I only want the best for him. It's a battle of the heart and mind.

Please keep praying for Andrew. I know he will be a great man of God some day!



  1. Hair color is fun & appropriate risk taking behavior!! So glad he's in a home where he will be able to learn the difference between that & the things which would have seemed his only choices if he had stayed in EE... We love you guys! Hugs!! -Auntie Joy

    Oh, & Millie is cracking me up in that pic! :)

  2. Hey Andrew your hair looks great. Great your mom lets you dye your hair. First time I dyed my oldest she picked warm blonde (her hair was dark brown with red highlights) I had never even dyed mine. I didnt know if you had real red highlights in your hair any blonde colors would turn the hair a reddish color which is what she got. lol Now its dyed a black. But she did it herself and is in her 20s works great on her.
    Hansina you have such a beautiful family.
    praying and God bless