Thursday, February 28, 2013

Certificate of Citizenship

On our way to the USCIS office.

Andrew took the oath today to become a US citizen!

He received his Certificate of Citzenship!

He was happy just to be dressed up in his new suit!

We were there for almost two hours! There were so many people they couldn't get started on time. Then the video they played had no sound. The gentleman who administered the oath had a very thick accent....none of us could understand him. When we started to sing the national anthem, the music wouldn't work. Quite the experience!

The best part was Andrew getting his certificate. As soon as they handed it to him we all applauded! You should have seen his face! He was delighted! He's come a long way from the boy we met in Ukraine!



  1. Yay, Andrew! What a special day for him - and looking so dapper in his suit and with that huge smile!

    I can't wait to see what God continues to do in his life! I still remember your post asking for prayer when he came so close to choosing not to be adopted, and just to see him growing and thriving and doing so well (obviously I realize it's not all a bed of roses...but you know what I mean!) - you can just see God's hand on his life. Thanks for "sharing" him with us!

    Prayers continue!

  2. So excited for Andrew! Welcome new citizen.

  3. So proud of you Andrew! You are a very luck young man.

  4. That is awesome Andrew! He looks very handsome in his suit!

  5. I am so proud of him! So glad that you keep us updated on what is happening in his life. Thank you! It is awesome so see God answering prayers on his behalf! I am writing a short paper about him, and I was wondering how old he is. I'd love to send it to you when I am finished, if you'd like! Thanks, Nicole

  6. Praise God. Way to go Andrew congratulations. God bless you much.