Monday, February 11, 2013

Andrew feels the presence of the Lord!

I had a sore throat coming on yesterday morning, so Mark took Andrew and my mom to visit a church in Roseville. (We do home church.) This was Andrew's first time at a Sunday morning service.

Mark said the pastor gave the altar call and a little while later Andrew asked if he could go down. Mark said, "Yes." Andrew told me he closed his eyes and was opening his heart. Then he felt someone touching him on his forehead. He opened his eyes and the pastor and his wife were standing there praying over him, and dad was standing behind him with his hands on his shoulders.

At first, Mark said the prayer could have been for anyone and then it got more personal, just for Andrew. The prayer was about Andrew seeking God first and how close he was. The tools are the seeds in him. He just needs to pursue God. And all the stuff in his past was gone. They were praying that it was not easy right now, to keep're close!

When Andrew got home he said he felt something at the altar...the tears kept pouring down his face....that he actually felt different. He is so close to making a decision for Jesus! God is pricking his heart and making Himself known to him! Please continue to pray for Andrew! His heart is starting to soften. Go God!



  1. I have been praying for Andrew to accept Christ. This brings tears to my eyes to know that he is so close. I teach the youth in Sunday School and have a young man name Chris that told me yesterday that he doubts God exists, because of all the bad things happening in this world. It's hard for him to believe that there is a God that would allow bad things to happen to children in orphanages. I have shared Andrew's story with my class and can't wait for Andrew to accept Christ, so that I can share it with my class and especially Chris. Please keep Chris in your prayers. I know God is working in his life. Pray for his eyes to be opened and a receptive heart.

    I will continue praying for Andrew.

  2. I always pray for Andrew and your family in a general way. Now I'll pray more specifically.

  3. Praise God, so wonderful. Praying for Precious Andrew.


  4. We will be praying for Andrew to come to faith in Jesus!

    Laura & family