Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The facilitator will be here Wednesday to start the next round of procedures. We will pick up the court decree, new birth certificate, paperwork for a new passport, etc. We were anticipating to be in Kiev the end of this week to finish up but it seems it could linger as long as July 10th!

Please help us pray that the Lord will make a way that we can get home by the 7th.
We need to get to the family painting business.



  1. I'll pray for no roadblocks or obstacles to a quick journey home.

  2. Praying for you, Mark! And I didn't know that your family business is painting-- my dad is a painter, as well. Hard work!
    As I told Hansina, praying over you guys, that you can come home SOON and that the flour and oil do not run out! Much love from the Warner family in PA!

  3. I second that, Joy! The Allen's will be praying as well that the Mickschl's flour and oil will always be replenished!! Thinking and praying for you continuously, Mr. Mark and Hansina back home.