Monday, June 11, 2012

Quiet Day

We've spent a little more time on the computer with iTranslate the last couple of days so we can communicate with Andrey. Sometimes it's clear what he is saying and other times.....well, we don't understand. He probably doesn't understand us either! We did understand when he said to tell his siblings at home that he loves them!

I met Andrey's English teacher today. What a sweet woman! She truly has a heart for these kids. She told me which ones do well in class and which ones don't. Andrey being the later of the two. He's trying now!

Our first 11 days I was so focused on Andrey that I didn't really look around. Today I was sitting in the shade on a bench not to far from where Mark and Andrey were. A little girl about 4 or 5 came out of the orphanage holding a big girl's hand. She reminded me of Millie with braids in her hair, blowing on a little whistle, walking across the courtyard. When a bigger boy came and teased her, she smacked him in the arm! Yep, my Millie would've done the same thing! It still troubled me. She didn't belong here. I wanted to scoop her up and hold her tight. Give her kisses and hugs and tell her what a dolly she is. I'm glad she has a bigger girl looking out for her, but it doesn't take the place of a mom or dad. I think of how much Millie blows me kisses on Skype and tells daddy and I she loves and misses us. I sure do miss my kids.

Tomorrow we will go later to the orphanage because Andrey and his class get to come into town and go to the river for a little outing. He will be back in the afternoon and we'll go see him after that.

Thank you for your continued prayers. They're what keeps us going!



  1. Love that iTranslate!!! I can relate to the 'not so perfect results' also! So many times we laugh about the silly language moments that seem to happen even more as we learn, the more we TRY, the more mistakes we make... The best advice we got was to keep laughing together & eventually we will all be getting the right message across! :)

    Loving you from not so far away - & praying for your crew back home! I'm sure cannot wait to meet Andrey... & I KNOW that Father is keeping each of their hearts in His big hands while they wait for Mama to get home too! (((Hugs)))

    PS- been looking for a dolly of my own, maybe one with spitfire pigtails is waiting for me being watched over by a bigger girl... Maybe, just maybe I will scoop them both up! :)

  2. Love following your journey! Is there a baby/little kids orphanage there or near there?

    1. I think it is kindergarten on up. On the side of the orphanage, there is a little playground with all their little clothes hanging up on the fence to dry. I've seen several 6 and 7 year olds out in the courtyard the last two days playing or walking around. They just seem so tiny to be with the bigger kids. I have a lot of emotion and feeling about this. It doesn't make me feel good. My heart breaks for all these kids.

    2. Thanks for posting back Hansina. Will they let you hold the kids or play with them? Or do they have really strict rules about even letting you over there?

    3. The older boys hang out with us. It's not very often we get to see a little one. I don't know where they keep them. It's a big place and everyone seems to disappear. It's interesting. I saw another little girl yesterday walking in the hallway. She was about five. So darling and tiny among the big kids.