Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am not complete

Let us pretend...Imagine (image-in), leaving everything you've ever known familiar to you. The sights of people you are used to seeing. The tastes that bring you comfort and joy. Smells that bring back wonderful memories. Sounds of family and friends and strangers just talking (and you understand what they are saying). You are relocated to a different residence, a new world.

Think, if you can, how scary, lonely it might be. No one near totally understands you.
What has happened? What now? I have no point of reference for theses feelings as I've never experienced anything like this. I am not complete, what is missing? Family.
Pretty spooky?

Yea, I know, I am living this. I get it, kind of.
(We all might think of Andrew, and rightly so.) But my bride flew home.
It has been the most challenging of feelings. I am by myself. Without my best friend, partner, lover, wife, my completion, family.
Lonely. Tired. Hungry. Perplexed. Challenged. A part of me is missing.
I bet quite similar to Andrew's life at times. Not something to envy.
And that's the thing that captures me. This is a small season for me but for him,
it's been all too common. Yikes.

A part of him has been missing too. But now family is here, and not soon enough, we will be going home! Where we all will become whole...complete.



  1. We adopted a 15 year old boy from Ukraine last year...he is now 16 and home one year today. He is beyond awesome and excelling beyond what we could have imagined. We pray the same for your Andrey.

    Interesting though...they often go through the very same emotions you are feeling when they arrive. Their losses are huge...all they've ever known...even if it was not good it was familiar. It is an amputation of all things familiar. One very good thing about the lengthy time we have to spend in their world is that we can relate a little to what they experience. A major difference though, is that we know our separation is temporary, for a very short season, but theirs is permanent...and that makes it very different.

    Our son went through every stage of grief, briefly but intensely. It was painful to watch and walk with him. It does pass with time and as the new people, experiences and love replace the old and soon they trust that we are for real and going to stick by them. This becomes home and joy begins to gush like a flowing fountain.

    These are awesome days...we are so blessed. Many prayers for you as you navigate the rest of the journey without your soul-mate and for Andrey as he leaves the familiar and navigates into a whole new life and family. God Bless!!!

  2. Mark, we love you buddy. It's all in His plan, the heartache & the hardship - it's bringing you closer to Andrew's heart my friend. You know, when we first got off that plane back in Dec., we went through all that you're going through... (well ok, some people DO speak English, but not often & Mark CAN understand the rest, but me & the boys can't!) Let me just say though, knowing WHO we do it for, Jesus & the people all around us, makes it all seem so effortless in the end. I pray you will walk in supernatural faith as you soldier on for Andrew, for your family & for your Father who loves you & is with you always!!! -joy

    P.S. Thank you to the first commenter for sharing your story also!

  3. Excellent post, Mark!!

    Rochelle Wilson

  4. Mr. Mark,
    We are praying for you so much, brother. Last night on our walk, we called your name up to the Lord asking for strength and comfort for you and Andrew. Tim will be contacting you soon! Thinking and praying for you all day everyday!

  5. Oh Mark, thank you for sharing your heart. You might be there alone physically but there are many angels surrounding you, and many people praying for you as you wait for the day that you can bring your newest son home, to your family, to his family... Hugs & many many prayers!!