Friday, June 15, 2012

Court today

Today is court at 2:30. We will not have Internet access until Saturday, so I will post then about court.

Andrey has texted and called us several times this morning. I don't know if he's nervous or what he's feeling. I know I'm feeling a little nervous. Even when I did court reporting, I didn't like court. I'd much rather do a deposition.

It's been an amazing journey to see the plan of the Lord unfold. Mark and I were just the obedient servants. God called and we said, "Yes." This is God's mission. This is His plan. This is His miracle. This is for His glory. I'm humbled and blessed to be a small part of it.

Thank you for your continued prayers.



  1. Today is going to go well for your family!!! Just remember WHO has gone before you!!! - Love & prayers are covering you all from cities all over the world... Be strong & courageous - the Lord your God is with you! (((HUGS)))

  2. Praying... Praying and can't wait for the update!!!

  3. Oh, my friend! It's 6am here and I'm really not ever up this early! Thank you Jesus for waking me up! In just 30 min you will be heading into that court room! How exciting and so Huge! You said "Yes", now God will do the rest!
    The Lord has gone before the three of you, He has hedged you in behind and before. His hand is upon you (Psalms 139:5). I am PRAYING!!! Can't wait to hear from you again soon.

  4. You have continuously been in our prayers. Know court is likely over by now and hope that it was uneventful. Can't wait to hear about your day!!

  5. Good Luck even though you don't need it since you are in God's hands! Can't wait to hear the update! Sending prayers!

    From a Prayer Warrior in Jacksonville, Florida!

  6. . . . and Andrey is His child . . . BLESSINGS!

  7. Praying for you guys!! :D HUGS