Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hot summer days are great for being with your dad, learning a trade, getting a little extra money and making new friends!

Andrew wakes up in the morning and asks, "Me work?" I say, "You want to go help paint the church?" His reply, "YES!" Even when it's 100 degrees out he's ready to go! Hanging with Mark and a little extra cash in his pocket is a good incentive.

I can't believe Andrew has been home a little over a month. Every day is something new to learn about one another. The different foods he tries and likes. The desserts I make that he would like to eat the whole pan! When he's quiet, to let him have some space or pursue him. It's a learning time for all of us. Thankful I can call on my Heavenly Father to guide me on this wonderful journey!



  1. Loving the posts! And I just have to say, your little John-David is a dumplin'! Not slighting any of the others by any means for sure but I love, love, love his little picture on the side bar! =)

  2. It's good for guys to be productive...glad he has the opportunity to help Mark! I still can't get over the transformation in John-David :D What a handsome little guy! And sitting up, too :D