Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blessings from an orphan advocate

If you all don't know her, I do. Her name is Patricia and she yelled from the mountain top to help Andrew find his forever family. She exhausted all avenues, made his picture her profile picture on FB. Contacted blogging families to help her help him! That's when my good friend Adeye stepped up and wrote her post back in December and Mark and I saw it. We knew the minute we saw Andrew's face, he was our son.

Patricia kept praying and yelling until Mark and I listened and stepped out in faith. And then Patricia kept praying for us and still does. She is Andrew's biggest advocate. The Lord burdened her heart for this young boy and her prayers were answered. Not right away. It was at the last minute before he turned 16.

If you are an advocate for a child, don't give up! Look where Andrew is now! He's home!

Patricia and some of her wonderful friends sent Andrew a box full of football T-shirts, hats, blankets, gloves, a scarf, all kinds of treasures! When the box was open the first thing he said was, "WOW!" It was like Christmas for him!

Thank you, Patricia, for your unfailing love, support and prayers for Andrew and orphans all over the world. You are a blessing!



  1. I love that you posted this little 'where it began' part of the story! Isn't it amazing what can happen when God plants a dream & a vision in a faithful heart!?!

    Love to all & a special hug for my little JD, I miss his sweet little fingers!! -Auntie Joy

  2. Andrew always appears to be such a good sport, throwing himself into everything that comes his way. Looks like he and Patricia share the same sweet spirit!!! No wonder there is such a connection! Love the way he hams it up for photo ops!!! ((((HUGS)))) from RI!!

  3. Ummm... Hansina, does he know he doesn't have to layer now that he's an American boy!? hehe

  4. That's great!!!