Monday, November 25, 2013

Sorry it's been so long...

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've done a post. Here are some random pictures that have been taken recently.

This is Mark's mom, Gloria. She came out for a visit last month from Wisconsin. Glad she was able to meet some of the new grand kids and to spend time with her!

This is a sneak peek of some pictures we had taken recently. I'm excited to see the rest as soon as the photographer sends them to me!

Andrew will be 18 next month and I'm sure he will still be living with us for a while. He's still learning how to be in a family and soaking it all in.

We have a close friend who owns a cabinet shop. Andrew has been going there once a week to help. What Andrew doesn't know is that starting January 1st, he's going to be working there part time! He really likes going and it's close to our house so he can walk. This will be a great opportunity for him!

So much to be thankful for this year. I hope you and yours have a very blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Glad to see an update.
    Been following from the beginning and so happy to see Andrew settling in. Merry Christmas

  2. Yes, I hope he stays home for several more years--so he can get every bit of love and wisdom and family he can before heading out on his own! But that woodworking opportunity is so wonderful--a way for him to be learning a skill, and getting a little more independent, but still within safe boundaries of home. You are so blessed! Much love to you all this holiday season, and I love the updates whenever they come. : )

  3. I enjoyed reading this on Thanksgiving Day! It is always nice to hear from you and the pictures are a bonus.