Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Praying Andrew

The best way to witness is not necessarily to say anything, but to show the love of Jesus. That is what Mark and I have been doing with Andrew. Just being an example...showing forgiveness instead of anger, loving each other no matter what and praying together.
The last couple of days Andrew has been coming to us and asking if he can pray with us. Mark prays with the kids at night and I pray with them in the morning. Instead of waiting for us to pray with him, he will come into our room and ask to pray. He starts off the prayer while Mark or I finish the prayer.

His prayer usually goes like this, "Dear God, thank you for my family, my brothers, sisters, mom and dad.  Thank you for my home and good life. Please forgive me for doing bad things now and in Ukraine."

In his prayers he is always thanking God for what he has and asking for forgiveness. His heart is starting to melt for the things of God.
We watched the Blindside last night as a family. Afterward Andrew asked if he could talk to Mark and I.  The movie really touched his heart. He connected with Michael Oher....coming from poverty, having a drug and alcohol addicted mother to a family who loves you at all times.  He said it was a GREAT one he has ever seen.
Watching him grow and blossom is truly rewarding!  Keep going Andrew!


  1. This is so encouraging! I am praying for your precious family, for Andrew and the Lord's work in his life! The Lord is great! Thank you dear one for sharing your journey. :)

    PS. I found you through my sisters friends blog - a story about a young man named Edgars. This is what I wrote about it - just thought i'd share.

    Love to you all!


  2. This is AWESOME! Maybe he would like to read or listen to Michael's book - I Beat the Odds. It's a fantastic book about his perseverance and determination and the value and reward of a good work ethic.

  3. Oh, I am so happy and thankful to hear of all of the good developments in Andrew's life, and thankful to see your example of how you parent him. And the Blindside is a great movie- that was such a good idea to watch it with him!

    Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me... it was so helpful and encouraging!

  4. Oh, my heart... I can't find words. God is so good.


    Judee in Iowa

  5. What a beautiful testimony that is unfolding. THanks for sharing it with us. Brings such joy when it seems the news has such the other. GOd is still working big time.

  6. AMEN & WOOHOO!!! We're rejoicing with you all! Our Father does such great work in each of our hearts... it's so good to hear about how He's been sweetly revealing Himself to Andrew!

    Here's hoping that Andrew will join the rest of you in cheering for our new addition once she makes it home with us! Looking fwd to sharing the rest of our journey's together friends! -Joy

  7. Amazing!! I love how you write and how real you are. I am amazed by Andrew's progress and the example you and mark set for him. what an amazing family! P.S. don't you just love Boomtown?

    1. Yes! We had lot of fun that afternoon at Boomtown! Good eye! ;)

  8. I have loved following your journey from Liverpool in England, it is so lovely to see Andrew in a family and getting the chance to have so much fun!

    Best Wishes, Katie