Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas in Coloma

For the last several years we have gone to Christmas in Coloma. It's about a 45 minute drive from our home, heading up into the foothills.

We have a good time making a wreath. We all work together so it's a family thing.

The guys are starting it off by building it with twigs.

We pick a table close to the fire to keep warm. Ambiance is always a plus!

Now, we are cutting the branches, gathering them together and wiring them on the wreath.

Our finished product! I thought they all did great a great job!

Now on to making Christmas tree ornaments.

Then it's snack time! Do you think the kettle corn bag is big enough? Andrew sure loved it!

Christmas in Coloma isn't complete without a wagon ride!

It was a beautiful day! Andrew thanked us over and over again on the ride home.

It's about being with family. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Doing projects together (like the wreath), making ornaments, eating kettle corn and going for a wagon ride, those are memories not to be forgotten.

Andrew's first Christmas with his family...memories for all of us to share. A true blessing from the Lord! Better than an orphanage any day!



  1. What a wonderful time you must have had as a family! I love the idea of doing the wreath and making ornaments together as a family! What a beautiul family tradition. Kind regards Beate

  2. I just LOVE it how in every photo of Andrew he is always smiling and looks so happy! It just warms my heart to see!

  3. So precious! I love hearing about Andrew's first. I can't wait to get our daughter home and watch her experience all her firsts!

  4. OMW! That is BEAUTIFUL! So fun and everyone can be involved. Merry Christmas!

  5. Wow! I never even knew about that place and we've been here for what seems like forever! Looks fun. I think we will have to try that one of these years! Great pix. Andrew looks like he loved it :)