Saturday, September 8, 2012

What a difference two months can make!

So it's been two months since Andrew came home and a lot has gone on.  I think of things to write, but sometimes it's too much. So I thought I would write some things that have happened in the first six weeks and how Andrew is doing now.

To be completely honest and open, the first six weeks were the hardest.  Let's talk (I will write).

1. Didn't want to learn on his Rossetta Stone EVERYDAY!

2. Stole.......doesn't steal anymore.

3. Lying.........isn't lying anymore.

4. Attitude........rarely.

5. Uncertain........gaining confidence.

6. Wanting to be alone in his room..........desires to be with family.

7. Leaving the kitchen table as soon as he was done eating..........sits and participates with family conversation.

8. Would want everything: Internet, videos, bike ride, food, swim, going, going, content to just be.

9. Would not come in for Bible study...........slowly getting curious.  Has asked to read a verse or two this last time.

10.  Wanted to go to public school...........would like to be home schooled.

11. Did not want to spend holding time with mom, very rigid...........LOVES holding time with mom.  Snuggles right into her!

12. Pretending everything in his life has been great...........openness with tears.

13. Knows everything.......please teach me.

14. Didn't want to hang out to much with Zach...........asks Zach if he wants to ride their skateboards to the park everyday.

15. Not very clean.........showers daily.

16. Would take the sassiness from his sisters............dishes it right back out to them!

17. Was not interested in toys..........plays with Hot Wheels and LEGO.

18. Wanted Internet all the time..........goes days without asking for Internet.

19. Would not help around house.........dumps garbage voluntarily.

20. Would not even look at Mackenzie.........will intentionally sit by her and baby talk with her.

I'm sure there is much more, but this is off the top of my head.

Andrew has learned a lot and come a long way in such a short time.  He is not the boy I picked up from the airport.  He is not the boy I met at the orphanage. He is not the boy he was two months ago.  His heart is slowly starting to heal.  He's getting comfortable being in a family.  He's starting to understand what family is. It's been a slow process, but he is starting to love and trust his mom.  Andrew is where he's at because of prayer.  I'm so grateful and thankful to all of you who still pray for Andrew.  It is a reward and joy to watch his growth and see the true happiness in his eyes.

                                                 Now for some fun!!!

                                         This is Andrew smiling for Mom!

            This is Andrew's Ukrainian smile.          This is Andrew's Russian smile.
This is Andrew's crazy smile!


  1. Oh Hansina, I cannot get over the differences!! This is the oldest child adoption I have ever followed or know much about. So amazing to see the changes in an older child!! Thank you for sharing about his progress!

  2. It doesn't seem like it's only been 2 months. It seems like it's been forever. I'm so happy for all of you. Thanks for keeping us updated on Andrew's progress.

  3. How blessed your family is and we are to be able to follow Andrew's journey. God has great things planned for your guy!

  4. Thankful to hear all of this!! In your previous post, I recognized the aunt/uncle. I prayed for and followed their blog I don't know how long ago and it has me wondering how their boys are doing. I think I must have gotten connected to you both through Adeye's blog. Thought Karrie had such a loving heart (like you!).....makes sense that you are related. :)

  5. How amazing and wonderful to read about! You are such fantastic mom! He seems so much more relaxed.

  6. How wonderful and amazing to hear about all the changes! Thank you so much for sharing. You are a fantastic mom!

  7. I remember coming to the U.S right before I turned sixteen as an exchange student. Of course being adopted is different, but some might be similar. I felt totally lost the first six weeks, but then slowly everything fell in place. It took time, but by february, I felt totally at home. There is certainly a culture shock. And I also remember wanting to climb a mountain, so I could oversee the area, as I felt lost in space. My hostfather gave me a map and told me where our house was, the school, mall, park and so on, and that helped me.I loved the food :-) I didn't do very well in school in the beginning, just had enough learning about life. Good luck to you and Andrew. It gets easier!


  8. Hi Hassina.
    I'm so happy to see the new Andrew and see that now he is what he should be, a kid and be where he is supposed to be, at home and with a family.
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  9. Just spent the past 15 minutes catching up reading about Andrew and your family...and nodding my head through every post. Isn't it amazing how these children come to life in a family?? I am SO glad to hear that Andrew is indeed coming around, and discovering he can let go of being in charge. Trust is a difficult thing to build, but it sounds like you've all done a phenomenal job. Congratulations and enjoy every moment as you watch the new Andrew emerge!