Thursday, September 6, 2012


John-David's 3rd birthday
Sunday afternoon with family 
Andrew jumping in the pool 
Aunt Karrie and Mackenzie 
Chuck E. Cheese's 

This last week has been very busy!  We are back to home schooling and still trying to enjoy the last of the warm days of summer.  Swimming at Aunt Karrie's and Uncle Donnie's was a real treat!  Andrew loves to swim and there was plenty of swimming and eating! (His two favorite things!)

I have been printing out the welcome home Andrew comments many of you left on Facebook and giving them to Andrew.  He always tells me thank you and has enjoyed reading them.

His English is getting better all the time thanks to the Rosetta Stone. He said when he first got home the English would give him a headache, but it doesn't anymore.

Mark and I are enjoying the look on Andrew's face, the excitement in his voice, when we go somewhere or do something new.  Even from the food I cook, he LOVES everything! I can't imagine being a 16 year old and having so many new things to see and try.  I'm glad he's home so we can experience all these wonderful things together!


  1. I love the pics & the God story unfolding!!! My fav's are Millie's face in the pic from JD's Bday!! & Chuckee doing the 'Asian peace sign' which doubled as 'bunny ears'!!

  2. It struck me as hilarious that Andrew got his picture taken with Chuck E. Cheese! Another American child's rite of passage - check!

    Andrew, thank you for being open to your mom sharing your story. You bless us with every post and every picture with your brilliant smile. You are a beloved son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandchild... You are an irreplacable member of a FAMILY - YOUR family!!! Most of all, you are a treasured son of God. God bless you.

    Judee in Iowa

  3. Wait wait is that Carson and John in that picture of the family?? Wow, I'm so excited. I keep checking their blog and no updates. Wow, so good to see them. Well, if that's them. lol If it's not just ignore me. :)

    1. It is Carson and John!! Karrie and I are family!