Monday, May 13, 2013

Andrew has a tender heart

Andrew is wanting to make a video to post here on the blog. I've told him about the comments people leave, some I don't post. He would like people to know what his life is like here. He is working with his Dad today, so maybe this week he can do the video he wants.

I love comments! Even the people who leave them that don't know what goes on in my home. I don't write everything that happens.  My goodness, that would be an everyday thing and it might get too boring!

Mark and I do not pressure Andrew about religion.  Yes, we are Christians.  That is how we live our life and we will share Christ with our children, including Andrew. It is who we are.

If you were to ask Andrew if we love him he would say with a loud voice, "YES!"  He has told us many, many times that he has never known love until he came here. This is our fourth adoption in eight years.  We have a pretty good idea how to bond and attach, love and accept.  He knows if he never accepts Christ as his savior, (and I believe he will) we will always love him.

When I ask for prayer for Andrew, I know there are people out there who love him and have followed his journey long before Mark and I decided to adopt him.  These are Andrew's prayer warriors and they are wanting to see him live a fulfilled life in Christ.  So when I see him questioning and curious about Jesus, I ask for prayer! Praise the Lord I have so many of you wonderful, Godly people in my life!

Andrew had a GREAT talk the other day with another young boy adopted from Ukraine.  This young boy, we will call him M, accepted Christ and got baptized!  M is on FIRE!  Andrew watched the baptism on video and asked if he could talk with M.  M's parents agreed and the boys talked a few days ago.  M witnessed to Andrew about Jesus and the change Christ has made in his life. Andrew was so excited when he hung up! I'm thankful for our friends and their son, M.

Mother's Day was beautiful.  We spent the day at home and my mom came over.  Mark had the BBQ going and the kids went swimming. 

That evening Millie and Mackenzie were dancing in the family room and the whole family was watching and applauding.  Andrew came over and sat by me.  He reached down and picked up John-David and sat him on his lap. He told me the photos I sent him while he was at the orphanage of JD and Mackenzie upset him.  He didn't like the babies.  Then when he got home, he didn't want to touch them or look at them.  I told him I knew that and it was part of his culture.

He said, "Mom, they are my brother and sister.  I do not feel that way anymore.  I like them." When he said that, he started to cry. I'm sure the tears were of regret and shame for the feelings he had.  It also shows Andrew has a tender heart. God is moving on him and changes are starting.
Andrew has talked many times how thankful he is to have brothers and sisters.
He is learning that family is good, even babies who have Down syndrome.  They are not different from him.  They laugh, cry, get mad, and love to give kisses! Family is forever!
One last photo from yesterday....Andrew killed a fly!  LOVE the hair!
Andrew has come a long way since he was at the orphanage. New life, new family, new language...all for the better. I'm glad he's my son!


  1. Reading your posts about Andrew's progress always makes me smile.It's amazing what a family's love can do. He's blossoming!

  2. Incredible post! I was just thinking "Andrew has come a long way" when I read the same words you wrote! God is so faithful! Watching him grow into an amazing young man, healthy, happy! I absolutely know he will come to know how much Jesus loves him and there is no reason for any guilt. We've all experience the same things, the same prejudices because of things we've been exposed to, but learn from them. That's what growing up is! He is so very loved by so many, and I for one am happy he took the step of faith to come to America to become a part of your family and to let us share in his life! I pray for him and you all often and expect great things to come! Corey Bean

  3. I enjoy reading about your family and how Andrew is doing. I pray for him all during the week. Thank for keeping us updated.

  4. I love that shaggy teenage boy hair he is sporting in the last picture. :)
    I pray for Andrew regularly and when you ask for prayers. I also pray for you and your family because it was new territory for all of you. God seems to be giving all of you the grace and wisdom that you need. As Andrew learns to trust the care and affection that you give him in his concrete world he will be more able to trust and love the God that is not visible.

  5. God is so good! Thank you for sharing your life with the world, even though it opens you up to criticism - unwarranted criticism. It is amazing to see what God has done, can do, will do... Thank you for allowing us to pray for your family and please keep sharing those intentions.


    Judee in Iowa

  6. What a beautiful testimony that is unfolding before us. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord!!!!

  7. Yes, it would be great to hear him in his own words. : ) But I always enjoy hearing what you have to say as well. Ever since he came home, it sure seems as if there is something in him that is clearly being drawn to God--it's even in his eyes. His eyes are so alive, there is a passion in them in all your photos. It's not just the smile, it's his eyes, and so it would not surprise me at all if God was calling him to Himself.

    My only fear would be that Andrew feels some pressure to not only be a Christian (I don't think you are pressuring him, but he might feel it anyway, esp. if he reads what you write) but to somehow be an exceptional Christian. You know, the youth group Bible study leader, etc. That he might think this is what makes you or your readers love him more, think more highly of him. That he somehow has to perform out greater faith than he has to earn favor. Even with God! So that's the only thing I hope you talk to him about--that there is nothing he has to do to earn God's love. God loves him anyway. And accepting God's love, and following Jesus mean FREEDOM from what others think, what others want you to do, etc. It is the fullness of freedom to love and be loved. : )

    I so appreciate you continuing to share your story!

  8. My daughters & I have been watching what God has been doing in your family & praying for you all as well. Thank you for sharing the story He is writing through y'all! What a sweet testimony of His love!
    R. Wilson

  9. He is loved all over the world, and prayed for all over the world, Hansina. Much love from one of those prayer warriors in Canada.