Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We have had several people donate to help bring Jonathan home. I am amazed at the goodness of our Lord and the wonderful friendships Mark and I have formed through our adoptions. We are truly blessed!

A generation 2 iPad! Who wouldn't love an iPad!

A music basket with 1 hour music therapy, worth $100! For people in Sacramento area!

$100 Apple gift card! Buy your music, videos or electronics at Apple!

$50 gift certificate to Red Thread Stitches! www.redthreadstitches.com

Plus 6 cards made by Mel! I will get pictures up soon!

$5 - 1 entry
$10 - 2 entries
$20 - 5 entries
$35 - 9 entries
$50 - 13 entries
$75 - 19 entries
$100 - 25 entries
$150 - 36 entries

Share on Facebook, Twitter or blog for more entries!

The giveaway will end April 24th!

You can donate on the sidebar. The top donate button is tax deductible. The one underneath is not tax deductible. Thank you!


  1. I donated and I wish you much luck!!!

  2. Followed your story from nogreaterjoymom...

    Donated $10 and shared on Facebook today.

  3. Donated thru Adeye! And praying for you! The same God that walked you this far is going to complete this mission. Im so excited for yet another redemption story.

  4. Sent a small donation, good luck with fundraising. Gift of Adoption Fund helped us fund our adoptions when we ran out of options, may be an option for you!! Sharing your link on FB!!

  5. Hmmm I don't think I can donate from my iPhone. Not seeing any links. Want to help!

    1. Monica, you have been so great to help us bring our other babies home! Thank you so much for your amazing support of our family!

      I don't ever see links either. I usually go to my regular computer. Thank you sister!

  6. yes girl, of course. can't wait to see him home. he is an awesome son! I second the comment on Gift of Adoption! they helped us too.

  7. Thank you for your beautiful heart! Lots of wishes to Mr.Jonathan! :)

    Just donated $10.

  8. Donated $25. I forgot to see if $25 was one of the numbers for entries. Can't wait to meet him.

  9. I don't know you, but I love what you are doing! Sending a donation and prayers! :-)

  10. I donated $25 to help bring Jonathan home!

    amysruff (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. My donation comes with prayers for a safe journey to bring your son home. God bless you all.

  12. I found you via Patti at A Perfect Lily. Donated $10 towards bringing Jonathan home. God bless you in this process.